KSync, a Full range of docking system for Education and Enterprise!

• Several adapted formats for iPod, iPad and other non Apple devices:
Availaible in several differents formats, the new KSync docking system follow your needs. 
For iPad, iPod, Transcend, Archos or other devices, the KSync Docking systems can manage up to 6, 18 or 36 devices for mp3 Player, 6 and 12 devices for iPad or other tactiles shelves. They are perfect for workgroup or fleet management.

• Mac and PC compatible
The KSync product from Kallysta let you choose the operating system you want to work with. As they are cross-platform compatible, you can connect them throught one ore two USB cable, depending the docking system, on a PC running windows or on a Macintosh running either Windows or Mac OS X.

• Charge and synchronisation
KSync docking system allows in "one clic"  to transfer (synchronisation) on all devices at the same time, digital ressources and applications you will have selected and installed in the computer connected to. Those ressources can be in differents formats:  Audio, video, texte, etc... This synchronisation is working as well in the other way, always in the same "one clic" process.
Either if  one or all devices are docked on the KSync docking system, charge is automatically managed. For ergonomic and security concerns, all KSync docking system have power supply internally and each connector is protected with a short-circuit protection.

IP6 iPod / IP18 iPod / IP36 iPod / IP6 iPad / IP12 iPad / MA16 / TR18 Transcend / TR36 Transcend
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