A mobile teaching laboratory
This complete and mobile set features a quick deployment of cutting edge media tools in the classroom for teaching languages or other subjects.

The Audio nomad concept is a "must have" with everything you need, and the carrying case includes a computer for the teacher and 15 sets for audio, video, photo and text messages with high level recording facilities. All the activities with the different media can be used on their own, or all together.

Precise content control
The trainers prepare content for students, and then use synchronization to update students' iPods. The iPods platinum special feature ensures the electrical charge of the connected iPods, updates their content by synchronization with iTunes, sync-Easy or by drag and drop.

With the iPod's H.Q. recording capacity, teachers easily collect the students' work, and can track and evaluate every one's progress.


Tools for training
To complete iLife as a creation tool, the iPod Kit makes resource creation tools available for the teacher via GhostReader vocal synthesis in 5 languages and live resources via ScreenFlow.

iLife '09 for Multimedia creation
The full set comes with iLife 09 multimedia suite and the last version of Mac OS X to make it possible for teachers to create multimedia production style slideshows with iPhoto, video editing with iMovieHD, Podcast with GarageBand, DVD with iDVD or Web with iWeb which can then be easily used by students with enthusiasm.


The "iPod Kit" full version comprises the following components:
• 1 Carrying Case for chosen elements and options
• 1 Pad to charge and synchronize 15 iPods
• 1 Computer MacBook intel Core2 Duo
MC207 - 2,26Ghz/2Go/250Go/Superdrive/WiFi/Bluetooth
• 15 iPod Classic 160Go, iPod Touch 8Go or 15 iPod Nano 8Go
• 15 iPod earphones
• 15 KallyTalk High-Quality iPod Microphone
• 1 Video adapter cable MiniDisplayPort/VGA
• 1 iPod Dock connector cable
• 1 light circuit power supply cable
• 1 speech synthesis software Kit,GhostReader + infoVox iVox Teacher Kit for 5 languages
• 1 ScreenFlow Software Kit - Video content capture
• PA System Kit JBL OneTour
• Mac OS X v10.6 as operating system
• iLife 09 Multimedia Creation Suite

Available options:
• Guarantee extension AppleCare MacBook
• Guarantee extensions AppleCare iPod
• Memory extension Kit MacBook 4Go
• Projection Video Kit
Images are only for illustration purposes. Numeric Kit content and components may change according to selected options and be subject to subsequent development or modification.
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