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AMagellan 6 brings the technology to wherever you wish to be with your students or your working group. To a classroom, a library, a laboratory, a training room, a research or discovery trip or a summer camp.

The Magellan 6 combines the advantages of a computer room, the mobility of a class on the move, and the flexibility of a (trans) portable solution.╩ It is a simple, open and efficient solution for everyone seeking a genuine travel solution to their needs.

The assets of this "ultra mobile" class
The Magellan 6 is an easily movable carrying case with wheels and handles. Its convenient size allows you to carry it wherever you wish, in the car, bus, train or airplane.
Simplicity and efficiency:
For complete autonomy, the Magellan 6 can be connected to a hand-held Macbook computer, the WiFi terminal and it has various other accessories.╩ With a single plug, every item in the kit can be recharged.
A small, strong and hermetically sealed case neatly stores and secures the computer components. Each component is placed and held securely in display cells.╩ So, you can travel safely as the Magellan 6 has two padlock-based securing spots.

iLife 09 for Multimedia creation
The full set comes with the iLife 09 multimedia suite and the last version of Mac OS X, which makes it possible for students and groups to create multimedia productions such as slideshows with iPhoto, video editing with iMovieHD, Podcast with GarageBand, DVD with iDVD or Web with iWeb.

The Magellan 6 comprises the following components:
• 1 Carrying Case for various components
• 6 Computer MacBook intel Core2 Duo
MC207 - 2,26Ghz/2Go/250Go/Superdrive/WiFi/Bluetooth
• 6 Guarantee extension AppleCare MacBook
• 1 Access WiFi Airport Extreme - MC340
• 1 Ethernet cable, 3 meters
• 1 Apple Remote Desktop 10 clients software - MC171
• 1 Adapter mini Display VGA - MB572
• 1 Padlock
• Operating System Mac OS X v10.6
• iLife 09 Multimedia Creation Suite

Available options:
• Memory extension Kit 4Go
• Kit Windows BootCamp/Parallel/Windows XP
• MobileMe Internet Publishing Kit
• Ghostreader Teacher Kit in 5 languages
• PA System Kit JBL OneTour
Images are used only as illustrations. Magellan 6 content and components may change according to selected options and be subject to subsequent development or modification.
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