An all-purpose multimedia laboratory!
This new mobile multimedia creation set proposes an easy, new approach to teaching and offers students the newest digital tools to enhance their learning process.

This set, a concept destined for any school environment and the world of multimedia creation enthusiasts, is designed to complement the Apple MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo 13" screen. The Digital Kit includes a MacBook, a Canon IXUS 70 digital camera, a DV Canon MD160 digital camcorder or Panasonic NV-GS230, an iPod Classic with a microphone and other accessories.

A real resource kit
Captured media (sounds, videos, digital photos) are quickly and easily transferred to the MacBook via cables set up in the carrying case, then modified, put together and enhanced with a set of iLife 09 multimedia tools: iPhoto, iMovie HD, and GarageBand and iDVD software.

Fitting in with the school environment
The Digital Kit includes multiples functions specially tuned to the academic environment, such as the secure storage of all the solution's elements, the power supply for the computer, camcorder, digital camera and iPod with a single power cord or its movable cover to be able to work freely. As the MacBook is set on a clever platform system, peripheral devices work without ever having to remove the computer from the carrying case.

iLife '09 for Multimedia creation
The full set comes with the iLife 09 multimedia suite, the and the last version of Mac OS X, which make it possible for students and groups to create multimedia productions such as slideshows with iPhoto, video editing with iMovieHD, Podcast with GarageBand, DVD with iDVD or Web with iWeb.

The complete version of the "Digital Kit" comprises the following components:
• 1 Carrying Case for chosen elements and options
• 1 Computer MacBook intel Core2 Duo - MC207 - 2,26Ghz/2Go/250Go/Superdrive/WiFi/Bluetooth
• 1 Photographic Camera Canon IXUS 100 - Memory Card 1Go
• 1 Walkman/Recorder iPod Classic 120Go
• 1 KallyTalk iPod High Quality Microphone
• 1 Synchronization Base for iPod
• 1 Digital Camcorder FS200 - SDHC Memory Card 16Go
• 1 FireWire cable 4x6 - 1.8m
• 1 adapter cable MiniDisplayPort/VGA
• Operating System Mac OS X v10.6
• iLife 09 Multimedia Creation Suite

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