KSync the software

KSync is a content management software for non Apple mp3 and mp4 players like Archos, Transcend, Samsung and other ...
KSync let you gather and send quickly contents on a fleet of MP3 or MP4 Players.
With KSync the teacher can have pupils working on various multimedia activities during the same session without fearing the time devoted to send and/or recover contents.
KSync decreases the number of handling carried out until now for the administration of each mp3 players and allows a simple and practical management of audio, video, photo and text contents deliver to pupils.

Specifications :
•An optimised synchronization software:
With one clic teacher can send content on all player/recorder at the same time while gathering simply and quickly productions recorded by pupils.
•Optimal Management: gather, send, backup, or delete at the same time all students productions on all mp3 players/recorders.
•Multi Player management : KSync is working with different kind of player/recorder (Transcend, Archos, Samsung,...), the list is not limited and can easily evoluate.
•Backup of productions in a folder or on an external drive. Go back home with all productions on a USB key for a later evaluation.
•Reset content of players/recorders: Ability to erase all productions from recorders easily and quickly, to prepare the next session with another teacher and his pupils.
•Ability to prepare content for session in advance.

Requirements for KSync :
Mac Intel Core 2 Duo or better (32/64 bits), Ram 2 Go, Mac OS X 10.7 or Higher.

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