Dapi is a new software developed by Kallysta. It's an essential tools to manage a fleet of iPad especially in a school. Dapi is distributed with every KSync charging and synchronizing system from Kallysta.

Just like iTunes is the essential companion for all iPod, iPad and iPhone peripherals, Dapi becomes the essential companion for any solutions of the KSync products range. That you use a KSync iP6 iPad docking system to charge and synchronize your 6 iPad, or a Magellan KSync iP24 case to manage the 24 iPad of your school, Dapi will save to you an invaluable time.
If iTunes is allowing you to manage and synchronize easily on a fleet of iPad the audios, videos or podcast resources that you wish to be used by your pupils or your customers, the management of data files resulting from applications like Pages, Keynote or others are still less easy. Indeed, to gather a file created under pages by your pupils for example, you have to go in iTunes, iPad by iPad, on Pages application, and gather the file on the iPad your are working on. With only one iPad, the handling seems simple, but with 6 or 24, that becomes fussy.

Dapi comes to fill this lack and will enable you to manage files exchanges on one or more iPad simultaneously for the chosen application. Connect the iPad on to your KSync system and launch Dapi. All the iPad connected will appeared in the software windows. Then you can choose the application from which you wish to gather files, select the peripherals on which you wish to work as well as the actions to realize. On those, you will be able to gather the work completed on the iPad while choosing to leave or not the version of the file collected from the iPad, and/or push contents on which you wish to see your pupils or your customers to work.

Did you bought a KSync system before Dapi availability?
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Configuration :
Mac Intel Core 2 Duo or higher (64 bits), 4GB RAM, macOS 10.9 or Higher.

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