Direct your iPad class activities

apiKa is an application allowing to send interactive activities to an entire fleet of iPads in conjunction with multimedia resources to support and enrich your lessons in all subjects. Designed to be deployed onto the whole class using a high performance wireless network, the working platform is fully controlled and monitored by a teacher from his computer. ( suite... )

KallyLang 2
The first digital Language Laboratory for Mac users

More than a Language Laboratory...
KallyLang software is a network based 'Language Laboratory', which uses the latest multimedia technology to create tailored learning activities during lessons.
A digital solution, this can be installed on an existing network without the need for additional cables. With all the typical features of a 'language laboratory', KallyLang facilitates language learning with the latest multimedia technology.

KallyLang software is controlled by the teacher, allowing them to easily manage the language learning taking place in the classroom. This 100% digital software gives students access to an impressive range of exercises using a variety of media, including audio, video and text, to make learning a language easy - and fun too. ( More info... )


Take off with Kolibri !
Innovative, professional-quality subtitling software

Kolibri has an intuitive and elegant interface along with powerful calculating tools to subtitle movies and videos with unparalleled ease and speed. Both professionals and amateurs will be able to use it immediately to produce excellent quality movies and videos subtitled in several languages and chaptered.( suite... )

A full range of docking system for Education and Enterprise!

• Availaible in several differents formats, the new KSync docking system follow your needs.Ê For iPad, iPod, Transcend, Archos or other devices, the KSync Docking systems can manage up to 6, 18 or 36 devices for mp3 Player, 6 and 12 devices for iPad or other tactiles shelves. They are perfect for workgroup or fleet management. ( suite... )


A mobile teaching laboratory
This complete and mobile set features a quick deployment of cutting edge media tools in the classroom for teaching languages or other subjects.

The Audio nomad concept is a "must have" with everything you need, and the carrying case includes a computer for the teacher and 15 sets for audio, video, photo and text messages with high level recording facilities. All the activities with the different media can be used on their own, or all together. ( More info... )

Magellan KSync IP24 iPad Case
Magellan KSync IP24 iPad is one of the product range created by Kallysta to carry, charge and synchronise a set of iPad.

On this model, 24 iPad can be inserted using the 4 lines of 6 docking slots, taking perfectly the shape of the iPad and guiding it into the charge and synchronisation electronic card integrated in the earth of the KSync Magellan case.

Only one power cable to connect to launch the power charge of the 24 iPad, only one USB cable to connect to launch the data synchronisation with the computer the 24 iPad are connected to. Power charge and synchronisation are of course managed at the same
Robust, mobile, protected and ergonomic, this solution is ideal for people who want to set up projects based on Apple iPad products.. ( More info... )

Dapi - Sync Software
Dapi is a new software developed by Kallysta. It's an essential tools to manage a fleet of iPad especially in a school. Dapi is distributed with every KSync charging and synchronizing system from Kallysta.

Just like iTunes is the essential companion for all iPod, iPad and iPhone peripherals, Dapi becomes the essential companion for any solutions of the KSync products range. That you use a KSync iP6 iPad docking system to charge and synchronize your 6 iPad, or a Magellan KSync iP24 case to manage the 24 iPad of your school, Dapi will save to you an invaluable time.
( More info... )

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